Investing is
about more
than just
great returns.


Understanding your needs comes first.

We serve only a select number of clients because we believe getting to know you isn’t just a bonus. It’s a prerequisite for what we do. You’ll meet one-on-one with your advisor throughout the year to review results, confirm expectations, and discuss outlooks.

One fee. No bull.

We believe transparency is the best way to manage finances. You’ll receive comprehensive investment management for a single fee based on the market value of your portfolio. There are no hourly fees—no hidden or add-on fees—and Stumpf Capital isn’t compensated in any other way.

Put our network to work.

We can connect you to a vast network of products and services to help you achieve financial goals that go beyond investing. Business services. Real estate. Retirement planning. Whatever your need, we can put you in touch with the very best people in their field.

Our promise.

We know that investing with a boutique firm can be a leap of faith. And we never lose sight of what you’re giving us. Your time. Your trust. Your confidence. When you work with Stumpf Capital, you get more back.